How do I open a Junior Savers Account?

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  • June 02, 2023
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You wil need to provide:nCompleted application form (This form will be completed with a Member Service Representative) nnProof of Address:nUtility bill, Bank Statement, Driver’s License (*Utility bill must be in the name of the applicant. If the bill is not in the name of the applicant, supporting evidence should be provided such as a rental aggreement or a letter from the resident owner which must be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace)nnIdentification:nTwo Photo Identification (National ID, Passport, Driver’s License)nnEvidence of Source of Income:nExample: Job Letter, Salary Slip, Remittance Receipt (Unemployed Individuals) nnIf child is a citizen by descent:nA copy of the parent’s birth certificate and child’s birth certificate.nnIf the parent or legal guardian is granting another individual permission to operate the account, the parent or legal guardian must provide that individual with a consent letter certified by a Justice of Peace.nnParent or Legal guardian may be a signatory to the account.nnInitial Payment for Junior Savers Account is a minimum of twenty dollars ($20.00)nnNB: When the Junior Saver reaches the age of 16 years, the amount in his/her Junior Saver account will be transferred to a Shares account.

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