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A Place of Wonder, Tranquility and Beauty

This facility is located in the South Rivers community; in the middle section of the Colonarie River basin. After several years of planning and preparatory work on the 0.5 hectares/1.5 acres, construction began on May 18, 2020 and was completed in November 2021. The philosophy is to preserve the naturalness of the area while providing some basic equipment that enhances the environment. The natural Environment: The land borders a stretch of the river at it widest expanse. The river is habitat to mullets, crayfish, river lobsters and crabs. One river pool was added to the three that already existed. The hinterland wildlife is abundant: tattoo/armadillo, iguana, manicou/opossum, and many bird species including the Vincy parrot, Amazona guildingii. The Built Environment: Five octagonal-shaped gazebos with accompanying fire pits; open upper floor with small stage and a side room. Most of the area is an open space for a leisurely stroll, sitting under the trees along the river in a relaxed, peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere.

How can you contribute to the sustainability of this site?

  • Approach it as if you are visiting the grounds of a palace.
  • Use its facilities with dignity and an awareness of your own self-worth.
  • Take away nothing but pictures and fond memories.
  • Share your experience with others.
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Rivers are integral to the social and economic lives of many rural communities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. River 14, nestled in South Rivers in the parish of Charlotte in the northern interior of the country, is testimony to this. Prior to the advent of pipe-borne water in South Rivers and surrounding communities, residents utilized River 14 for bathing and doing household chores such as washing laundry and kitchen utensils.

Water from the river was also used for farming, and livestock were tethered along the riverbank. Additionally, the river was a source of food; many persons fished regularly for crayfish, mullet and other river species. Noteworthy, River 14 was used for generating hydro-electric power for South Rivers and neighboring communities.

Many of the domestic activities that were carried out at River 14 in the past are still being done, albeit on a smaller scale. The river is still a source of power for the hydro-electric plant in South Rivers. In recent times, however, the river and its surroundings have become famous liming spots for Vincentians on weekends and public holidays. During these times ‘cook outs’ are organized, people bathe in the river and games are played on the riverbanks.

GECCU was aware of the importance of River 14 to the social and economic fabrics of the South Rivers community and embarked on a mission to develop the area. One and a half (1.5) acres of surrounding land were purchased for the purpose of creating a recreational facility. In collaboration with the United Nations Global Environmental Fund (GEF) and other local partners, work commenced on a recreational facility in May 2020. Every effort was made to preserve the natural environment. The facility which boasts a pavilion, industrial kitchen, gazebos with fire pits and modern bathroom was completed in November 2021.

River 14 Grand Opening

The River 14 Recreational Facility was officially opened on Thursday, March 10, 2022.