Through our new “Green D.E.A.L” loan product, GECCU aims to provide financing solutions to help our members build resilience to environmental shocks, as well as reduce our carbon footprint in the fight against climate change.
  • Help our members to improve resilience of their property to natural disasters and other man made shocks.
  • Help our members shift their business to a more sustainable greener business model.
  • To invest in renewable energy systems.
  • Retrofit and renovate to achieve greener houses/buildings.
  • Purchase more energy-efficient and greener equipment.


Borrow Up To $15,000.00

  • Only members can qualify for loans
  • Members must have the minimum share requirement.
  • A six month minimum period of membership with regular payments is required before a loan can be granted. However, consideration would be given to new members with an established ability to service the loan, meet the eligibility requirements and if necessary adequate security or manageable exposure.
  • Lien on Shares Deposits
  • Co-Makers – members signing on behalf of others (by using their Shares, Deposit or Fixed Deposit)
  • Bills of Sale with comprehensive insurance policy
  • Land Title

GECCU Mortgage and Loan Calculator



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